Founding Committee (2007)

Keith Basik, KBR Ventures, LLC
Lois Bolin, Ph.D., Strategic Innovator
Kathryn Guyitt, Golden Veteran
Judge Lynn HIxon-Holley (RET) Honorary Chair
Lavigne Ann Kirkpatrick, Florida Board of Nursing
Jeffery Hirsch, Owner, Whitehall Publishing and Printing
Michael C. Peppe, Developer; Ohio National Road Association

Dee Sulick, Community Steward

The Peter Thomas History Fund support  Collier student's trips to Tallahassee to compete in the state competition and for teacher training on Florida'S Role in WWII.

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    The Collier County History Fair began in 2007 when  Lois A. Bolin, Ph.D. was searching for a way to gets students interested in local history. When she learned of the 37 year old National History Day competition and the 24 year old Florida History Fair, she set out to get Collier County students involved. 

    In 2012, the
    Naples Spirit of 45 Committee established two local history awards, the Hodges Heritage Award, in honor of Earl and Thelma Hodges and the 'One More Hill' Award, in honor of WWII Veteran and author, Dr. Franklyn Johnson.

    In 2014, a Florida History Fair state award was established in honor of Peter Thomas, a Florida native.  The state award goes to any student competing  at the state competition whose entry is on Florida's Role in WWII, a Florida Veteran or an  innovation during  WWII.

Peter Thomas History Fund

Fighting Cultural Amnesia